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Ballot Drop Boxes & Voting Centers

 Ballot Drop Boxes   

Want to drop off your ballot and save a stamp?    

Ballot Drop Box and Voting Center locations 

Our ballot drop boxes are very secure, have a large capacity and offer 24/7 voter convenience. The boxes are opened as soon as ballots are mailed, approximately 18 days before each election.
  • Drop boxes close at 8:00 p.m. on election night.

 Voting Centers   

Voting Centers are an extension of our main office. 

    Services available:
    • Accessible voting using touch-screen equipment.
    • Ballot drop off. 
    • Provisional ballots.
    • Voting assistance from Election staff.
    • Voter registration.

     Ballot Drop Box Additions

    Each year in March, the ballot drop box program is evaluated, as part of our Department's budget planning. Existing ballot 
    drop boxes are assessed for:

    • Utilization. Are boxes so heavily-used that they reach capacity quickly? Is there a box under-utilized, perhaps because can't find the box?
    • Geography. A GIS (Geographic information system) model is applied, to calculate population density and travel time. This addresses equality.
    • Socioeconomic status. Beginning in 2017, ballot drop box placement is also evaluated using socioeconomic indicators, such as income and ethnicity. This addresses equity. 

    This is how we identify and plan for any expansion of the ballot drop box program. If additional boxes are needed or an existing box needs to be relocated, we budget accordingly. Our budget is submitted in July and approved by the County Council in November. 

    See Ballot Drop Box Installation Timeline for an example of how long it takes from establishing a location to the actual placement.

    Currently 98.5% of all registered voters in Pierce County live within a 10 mile driving distance of a drop box and approximately 90% live within five miles.  

    See below for maps of our most-recent analysis. 

    How Ballots are Returned and Trends.jpg
    How Ballots are Returned and Volume
    How Pierce County Stacks up 11 x 17.jpg
    How Pierce County Stacks Up
    Among Washington's 12 Largest Counties
    Future Placements
    Under Consideration

    2015 Turnout
    2016 Turnout
     PopDensBallotsDeposited_11 x 17.jpg

     Equity and Socioeconomic Status - Ballots Returned to Drop Box 2016 Election
    Poverty Rate 
    Non-White Population
    Hispanic Population
    Non-English Spoken at Home
    Median Income

    Drop Box
    Drop Box
    Drop Box